Mike Campbell

Life-long Heartbreakers alumni Mike Campbell playing the 1966 Rickenbacker Fire-Glo 360-12 string that he purchased from me. This guitar was hanging on the wall of my store, Mike popped in 1 day, found it, liked it
and took it home and has been working it for decades.
Mike and Tom both kept that fabulous Rickenbacker "Twang" going,
they always knew how to make that sound work!


Mike Campbell, playing the 1964 Fender Sonic Blue Jaguar with Matching Painted headstock which he also acquired from me. I recall Mike using this very cool looking Jaguar on some Heartbreakers tours as well!.
This is a "screen grab" from YouTube where Mike's talented and fun band, "The Dirty Knobs" were performing some tunes at a club in LA so check them out. The band is really great and have been working again.
That's Knobs drummer Matt Laug on stage behind Mike.

Aimee Mann

A multi-talented, Grammy Award artist

below: Aimee is sporting her mid 1950's Gibson J-160E that came from my Hollywood guitar store long ago.
This guitar was well-worn when she acquired it, and sadly, while out on a U.S. tour, there was a vehicle accident and the guitar was badly damaged. She loved it so much that she had it pieced back together and it just keeps going. Evidence of the playing wear, damage and repairs are evident in this photo, it was put back together but
she didn't want to refinish it, a decision I agreed with!

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Be sure to check Aimee's website for all the latest and the greatest!

the both 2014.jpg

above: Aimee performing in 2014 with Ted Leo as "The Both." She acquired this 2001 Limited Edition Precision Bass from me for the tour. Fender issued this model in October 2001 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the debut of the Precision Bass that Leo Fender created.
In addition, my Fender Bass Book was published and released in October 2001 to coincide with the 50th Anniversary too. Fender also released the highly accurate 1951 Custom Shop Precision Bass Reissue for which they used my actual 1951 Bass as their model. Alan Hamel from the Fender Custom Shop headed up that special project and I was honored that Fender chose to give me 1 of each bass for my contributions,
knowledge and assistance.

Aimee's 2001 Limited Edition Commemorative bass features an Ash Body, strings through body bridge
and a Black Anodized Pick Guard.
When she approached me for a touring bass, I wasn't using this particular instrument but knew how good it was and offered it to her. She liked it too and I felt better seeing it get played!



Aimee released a CD in 2017 and it's another excellent offering from her as evidenced by the GRAMMY it won!
She takes her craft very seriously, which is always evident in her music!

Michael Landau

His talent and skills are widely known. His discography and body of work speak for itself.

   Mike's love for Fender Guitars and Amplifiers, and this Strat in particular, culminated in the Fender Custom Shop developing an amazing recreation of this original 1963 Fiesta Red guitar.
   In 2013, they announced and launched the Fender Custom Shop Artist Collection - Michael Landau Signature 1963 Relic Stratocaster. The Fender Custom-Shop carefully matched and tweaked the specs and features and then painstakingly apply the hand Relic work to recreate the guitar. This particular Artist Series Fender Model has sold VERY well and it's no surprise as they look, feel and sound Very Good. You might want to grab 1 of these!
   Additionally, Mike has worked with Fender to recreate another of his favorites, a Black 1968 Strat model, so there are 2 Mike Landau Custom Shop models to choose from, something for everyone!

   I recall that Michael and I met around 1990 in my shop and as I remember, when he found my store in Hollywood, we discovered that we had some friends in common and conversation ensued. I remember Mike canvassing me about Vintage Strats and I either had this 1963 Fiesta Red guitar on the wall and directed him towards it or it was sleeping in the back room. Nonetheless, when he left, he had the guitar in tow and was heading home to test drive it. He obviously bonded with it and the rest is guitar history. During this same visit, Mike also spied a nice 63 or 64 Lake Placid Blue Strat and asked if he might be able to take that one home as well and it didn't return either, and I may have offered him a discount on the Pair!
   Subsequently, Mike has proclaimed to me on several occasions that both are superior guitars and that the Fiesta Red might be the single best Vintage Strat that he has owned or heard, and coming from a player of this caliber and experience, that is no small claim. Mike is very serious about tone!

Mike is a busy and hard-working artist and You may want to
check out his Website for all of his latest happenings!

This is the Original 1963 Fiesta Red Strat that Mike purchased from me

This is the 1963 Fender Custom-Shop Michael Landau Signature Model


Here is the 1963 Lake Placid Blue Strat that he also purchased