Tom Petty

I think I speak for many when I say that he is very missed. Little did I know that the last time I saw and interacted with Tom, that it would be the last time. The shocking news of his untimely death still reverberates
in my head and I am still somewhat in disbelief and hugely sad. My relationship with Tom and all the members of Heartbreakers goes back a very long way and I am very grateful for having had the
opportunities to work with and know all of them. Tom surrounded himself with hugely talented people and the music they created has left an indelible mark on many of us, which also lives on in us.
I am confident that I am not alone when I say that Tom and his music have enhanced my life. Thank You, Tom!

The following photos are from the companion book to one of the best music documentaries that I have ever seen named "Runnin' Down a Dream." Released in 2007, the well made-movie chronicles the life
and times of Tom Petty and the band that became known as "The Heartbreakers." I enjoyed viewing it and I learned a lot about the man and the band.
If you're a fan too and haven't yet watched it, you should treat yourself and see it.

below:  working in a "home" studio setup (Tom loved makeshift studios) recording with the late multi-instrumentalist / producer / singer and friend, Howie Epstein who is playing a vintage Danelectro Longhorn 4,
and the fabulously talented Benmont Tench is on keyboards.

below:  Tom is seen playing the 1966 Epiphone Casino that he acquired from me.

below: a much more recent photo of the Casino

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below: This is a very good Guitar Player magazine issue from July 2006. In this issue, Tom is asked and talks about his gear and his guitars.
From the interview, in the quote on the right, he reveals his thoughts and feelings about his recording studio secret weapon, his Epiphone Casino.
Also included in the issue is an informative and detailed interview with Mike Campbell about his tone and gear too. That's Mike's Fender Broadcaster up at the top of the magazine cover!

below: This photo is also in the "Runnin' Down a Dream" book. The picture is a screen grab from the "Learning to Fly" video that was a huge MTV hit when it debuted in June of 1991.
Tom is playing 1 of 2 Ebony finished Gibson REISSUE Everly Brothers acoustics that he owned. He also had several original examples in his collection too.
Tom acquired this particular guitar from Me sometime prior to the video shoot and he used it regularly.
Behind him, You can see Mike holding his beautiful custom made Danny Ferrington 6/12 Double Neck. The video was filmed at a private airplane graveyard near Tucson, Arizona.

another of Tom's picks that I have from the Wildfowers era, circa 1994.


Tom released his 2nd Solo album in 1994 called "Wildflowers."
The album had a lot of great songs and was made with the combined efforts
of some very talented people.