1980 Charvel
A completely original and rare example with early VH features.

These particular feature EVH graphic guitars were somewhat short-lived and produced in low quantities. This is from the same period as Edward's were made from. After Grover Jackson became involved with Wayne Charvel and the business that Wayne started, the 2 embarked on guitar manufacturing with Grover eventually manning the helm. Shortly after the union, a deal was struck with Edward Van Halen and the Charvel company began producing instruments with Ed's graphics. Apparently, due to some legalities that surfaced, the interested parties ended up in a court battle to settle design, copyright and/or royalty disputes, resulting in the company stopping production of the models with these graphics and early features which include a 21 fret neck with a strat headstock, and today, the demand is still high and the supply is very low.
This guitar dates to 1980 and many of these were heavily played and modified, so finding an in-tact unmolested example with these features, even here in California where they were built is rare.
This example is factory stock, down to the original Decuir issued case.