1979 Fender Precision Bass, White with Maple Neck

This bass represents the end of the 1970's era in which Fender instruments had been evolving and undergoing many changes, most of them were considered to not be for the better. This is when the Fender instruments that we had grown to know were coming to an end. Significant changes were coming just ahead at Fender, all of which culminated in 1982 as the new instruments and factory production changes all went into effect. This particular bass was built under the "CBS" regime which was also coming to an end. There was an eventual sale of the Fender company to a team led by Bill Shultz and key employees, which consummated in 1985, just after the company started to turn things around for the better.
This bass is a 1979 model even though the serial number reads 1978. The instruments produced during this period can be confusing to date and understand as the factory continued using the serialized "S" Logo decals far past their designated dates. The dating scheme of "First" letter indicates Year, as an "S" indicates "Seventies," and the number following is "sometimes" indicative of the Year of Manufacture, as an "8" or "9" could indicate 1978 or 1979, does NOT always apply. Fender made so many Serialized Logos that they simply continued to apply them to most of the instruments that they manufactured up to and including those made in 1982.
This Precision is finished in one of the 6 optional colors offered that year. This color was simply named "WHITE" (code 505). The bass also features the optional solid fretted maple neck. The factory charged more for maple vs. rosewood neck models, and including a hard shell case, this bass had a factory list price in 1979 of $685.00.


I have examined, tested, serviced and set-up this instrument and found it to be correct and original. The only originality issue to report is that the Volume potentiometer has been changed; however the Tone pot is original and dated the 34th week of 1979. The neck has a stamped code at the butt end that I am not able to "correctly" decipher, but the instrument is unmolested in every other way. The remaining electronics, tuners, frets, nut, finishes and both the plastic and metal hardware are correct and original to the Bass. The chrome plated Bridge and Pickup Covers were absent back when I bought the bass, but I like the look of the "Hubcaps" as I jokingly refer to them as, and replaced them with a recently made Reissue Set. There are Photos showing it with and without the covers, but covers are included with the bass.
The bass is generally very clean. It was played a bit long ago, and globally it displays some usual minor marks and signs of usage, but there are no major cosmetic or structural issues to notate. A few small paint chips exist, 1 is on the treble horn. The back of the body has a bit of wear which includes some small dings and dents but no finish is missing, and there are superficial light scratches on the pickguard from human contact and the light usage. If you view the photo showing the bottom edge of the body at the strap button area, there are some darker discolorations present. These occur when the old style stands are used that have the rubber covered feet that support the instruments. These stands often interact badly with guitar finishes, as do most rubber products, and in general, are best avoided. Lastly, there is a tiny spot on the back of the neck at about the 5th fret location where a small finish ding was filled in. In the photos, it "looks" like it is open and you could feel it, but it has been filled in and buffed and is smooth to the touch.

The CASE is a NEW U.S. Made 1970's model reissue Fender hard shell. The original case was missing when I acquired this bass, and I wanted something appropriate and protective, so this filled the bill.
The STRINGS were not replaced. They are an older set of Nickel coated round wounds that feel good and have a nice warm tone and the intonation adjusted easily and well, so they were not changed. New Round wound strings make far too much finger noise for my tastes on a Fender.


This bass is 39 years old now. I purchased it decades ago while running my Vintage guitar store. I intended to put it up for sale in the shop, but I always had a lot of Bass inventory on the walls, and at the time it arrived, I didn't need another of this ilk on display so it ended up being stored in our inventory room and I just lost track of it. When I closed my retail store in 2001, it then went into my long-term storage where it has been until now.
The bass is lovely. The original White finish has mellowed and yellowed, and it now has a creamy and buttery warm hue and patina. The bass plays well and feels very solid. If you want an affordably priced Vintage Fender to collect, play and or use in a home studio, this may appeal to you. Kindly do inquire.



Serial:  # S888518
Scale:  34"
Nut Width:  1 5/8"
Weight:  11 lbs. 5.6 oz.
Case:  Fender 70's reissue black Tolex hard shell
My "Overall Condition" Rating:  8.75 out of 10

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