1971 Gibson Les Paul Custom, Ebony w/Gold
A gorgeous, TIME CAPSULE example

After a long hiatus from the Gibson solid-body lineup, the single-cutaway Les Paul guitars were absent from the product line from 1961 until the reintroduction in 1968. Once they returned, these solid bodied, single cutaway Les Paul guitars were warmly welcomed by both professional players and the general buying public alike. After it's reintroduction, the CUSTOM model went on to become one of the more iconic models of the era, finding their way into the hands of many famous and talented artists, they helped drive and shape pop and rock music trends for decades to come and their popularity and appeal appears to continue today.
The debut of the 1968 Custom started off a bit slowly as Gibson shipped just 433 units the first year. It took a moment for Gibson's marketing and the public to get up to speed, but it did, and in the following year, they shipped 2,353 units, and by 1970, the year of this guitar, 2,612 went out the doors at Kalamazoo. These figures are for the EBONY colored models, as initially, that was the only finish available. The optional Colors began in 1971 with the introduction of Cherry and Cherry Sunbursts with more color options added the following years, and that helped propel popularity and sales even further. There was little doubt that the Les Paul Custom model was back and flourishing, by 1973, it was Gibson's 2nd most popular and successful selling model, trailing the Les Paul Deluxe-Standard models.


I have examined, tested, serviced and set-up this instrument and found it to be 100% factory-correct and unmolested in every way. All of the electronics, frets, nut, finish and both the plastic and gold plated metal hardware are Correct and Original to the guitar. The four potentiometers are matched and dated the 7th week of 1971.
The condition of this guitar is quite remarkable and beautiful as my large and clear photos demonstrate. The Gold plated hardware is clean and glowing, and there is no finish checking on this guitar. The original hang-tag, with unsigned warranty card, is present, as is the key to the case.

The CASE is the Original factory-issued Plush-Lined model in Black with the early style Yellow lining. The case is also in excellent, matching condition with a fully functioning handle, latches, hinges and the Original Key is present too. 1970 is the last year for this version of the case as the switch was made to the purple linings beginning with the 1971 production year.
The guitar has just been set up with a set of D'addario XL 10-46 gauge strings.


I acquired this incredible guitar about 27 years ago while running my store and because I was simultaneously collecting clean and original instruments, I decided not to offer this for sale and it subsequently never made it onto the walls of my shop. This vintage Les Paul Custom is now 47 years old and has been safely stored since I purchased it. This virgin example has been spared all of the "circulation" that most instruments being offered online today have undergone. This guitar is crisp and clean and NOT had any repairs, restoration or modifications of any kind, it is still Factory-Original and in remarkable, well-preserved condition. There are some very light and minor signs of natural aging and a few small and isolated marks from light handling prior to me receiving it that are difficult to photograph. That being said, the guitar appears not to have been used or possibly played only at home a tiny bit, long ago.

Vintage instruments of this caliber are growing increasingly more difficult to find and acquire these many years down the road. If you like this model and era, the chances of finding an equal or better example would not be easy. If like me, You desire higher quality instruments and have a penchant to collect and preserve the heritage of our iconic American-made instruments, then this stunning example may appeal to You as it did to me.
A good steward is needed to continue the preservation of this one. Kindly inquire.


Serial # 631667
Nut Width: 1 11/16"
Weight:  10 lbs. 1 oz.
Case: Original Plush-Lined Black Tolex with Yellow Interior
My "Overall Condition" Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Offered at: $12,500.00
Includes domestic U.S. shipping and guitar-specialty insurance that I provide
(for International shipping options, please inquire)

I accept payment via Bank Wire Transfer.
All instruments have a 48-hour approval which does not start until the instrument arrives to you safely.
I only use New, Heavy-Duty shipping cartons and New packing materials.
I care about the instruments that I offer as most have been in my possession for 20-30 years.
I want my instruments to arrive safely, their continued preservation and Your satisfaction matter to me.