1967 Fender Custom Telecaster, Sunburst w/Rosewood

Here is a lovely example of a Post-CBS "Custom Telecaster." The Custom Esquire and Telecaster models both were produced in far fewer quantities, and except for the addition of the word "Custom" to their respective names, they are identical to their "unbound" brethren. Like the standard models, these were also available in custom-color finishes, although Sunburst was the "standard" finish applied to the Custom guitars. These models were Fender's offering of a cosmetically upgraded guitar. The Customs were "double-bound" and fitted with single-ply plastic body bindings, which were hand applied. The factory charged more for these guitars due to the added handwork and time required to produce them, and they do make a statement. In the 1967 price list, the Standard model Telecaster cost $214.50 vs. $244.50 for the Custom, cases not included.
This particular example is a "transitional" model. It has both Pre-CBS and Post-CBS features. The wiring on this guitar is the earlier Cloth covered style, and it has the previous style Kluson Tuners. The finishes on this guitar are attractive, this one has a lacquered neck with the 2nd generation Gold Logo, and the body was finished with lacquer colors and top coat on a thinly-applied Polyurethane sealer. This period shows Fender's experimentation and usage of Polyurethane finish materials which they continued developing. Additionally, because of exposure, the Sunburst body finish has had more of its Red hues fade on the front than the back, but as with many Fender instruments from the 1960's, this is commonly seen on the guitars that were played.


I have examined, tested, serviced and set-up this instrument. The guitar is original and unmolested. The frets, nut, finishes, logo, electronics, tuners and all of the plastic and metal hardware are correct and original to the guitar, and nothing appears to have ever been re-soldered. The potentiometers are both original and correctly dated the 31st week of 1966, and the Neck is ink-stamped "3 AUG 67 B".
Cosmetically, the guitar is quite attractive as the large and clear photos show. There is a small area where the finish has started to wear at the arm contact area of the face as well as a small area next to the bridge on the treble side from finger contact, but it's minor. I see 2 spots where the binding split from shrinkage in the waist, but all of the binding is solid, and none is missing. Globally, there are various small dings, surface scratches and light normal wear. The neck has some very light finish checking, but overall, this guitar is clean and very attractive.

There has been a minor repair performed recently on the guitar. When I assessed the guitar, I discovered that the string slots of the original nut were quite low, so I had my Tech elevate the nut and adjust the G-string slot too, which was filled and recut, but the original nut was preserved. The frets are the original factory-installed small wire and are in good condition, being small and quite low, big blues bends are a bit more difficult unless you are used to playing small frets. The neck has a very comfortable C-shape profile. During the set-up process, the bridge was also serviced and is fully working, each, and every screw turns and is fully adjustable, and both pickups work as expected.

The CASE is Not original to the guitar but is a mid-1970's Fender Black Tolex case and is in very good condition with a functioning handle, latches, and hinges.
The guitar has just been set up with a fresh set of D'addario XL 10-46 gauge strings.


This vintage Telecaster is quite an exciting and attractive guitar that I like; otherwise, I would not have held onto it for so long. This guitar is now 51 years old. I acquired this many years ago while running my store. At the time I purchased the guitar, I remember having 4 or 5 Sunburst Custom Tele's available in my store and instead of displaying all of them for sale at the same time, I held 1 or 2 back, and this was one that I didn't put out and subsequently never sold.
Like most of the instruments that I am offering for sale today, this has been uncirculated for about 25 years.
This clean and straight example and would be an excellent candidate to add to a Fender collection. It makes all the expected Tele twang sounds very nicely.
If you might desire a bound Custom Tele, these mid 1960's models are more affordable. Kindly inquire.


Serial # 204947
Nut Width: 1 10/16"
Scale Length: 25.5"
Weight: 7 lbs. 11.8oz. (includes Bridge Cover)
Case: Mid 1970's Fender Black Tolex Hard Shell with Orange Interior
My "Overall Condition" Rating: 8.25 out of 10

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